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Alec Bradley Family Blend The Lineage Review

We usually try not to back-to-back reviews from the same cigar company, because it’s important to get out there and try new things and get some variety and all that pablum. But I happened to have picked up a four-pack of Alec Bradley cigars at a local smoke shop...

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Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat

While Alex will have you believe that he is writing about cigars because I’ve run out of adjectives, the truth is sometimes you just want to enjoy a cigar and not analyze (or over analyze) as the case may be. Not only that, Alex is now living in Miami and we all...

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Man-agement: Back to Bassics

“I wasn’t originally a bass player. I just found out I was needed, because everyone wants to play guitar.”                 — Tina Weymouth, bassist for the Talking Heads I haven’t had a whole lot of time to think about this month’s...

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The Emilio Mia Dora

We are a website that reviews cigars, liquors, and other assorted goodies, and yet our last three posts have all been about drinking (tequila, gin, and scotch). It wasn’t planned, it just happened, but today I would discuss another cigar. In continuing our...

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